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Uncharted 2 game review

Finished Uncharted 2. I would say it was fantastic compared to the average game, but fell well short of my considerable expectations.

The great:
• Voice acting is absolutely brilliant as is what I’ve come to expect from Naughty Dog.
• Presentation is stellar. Uncharted games squeeze the PS3 for every drop of power it has and it shows. These games are straight up beautiful: vibrant, colorful, immersive, wondrous, detailed, insert all the positive adjectives.
• The score is worthy of a big budget movie, and it’s played by a real orchestra. It is the perfect sonic accompaniment to Drake’s adventures.
• Drake’s trademark humor is in top form.

The good:
• Writing is solid. I don’t mean the story as a whole, but the dialogue.
• Gameplay is solid.

The not so good:
• Weapon selection is extremely lackluster.
• Enemy variety is all but non-existent.
• The story, while adequate, was not as engaging as the original.
• Every chapter starts to feel the same after awhile. The locations change, but basically it’s fight through bad guys, climb stuff, and fight through more bad guys to get to the next cutscene, repeat. Every once in a while a puzzle to solve is tossed in there.

The bad:
• Come on, this is still a Naughty Dog game, nothing about it is ‘bad’.