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Transistor game review

Ahhgg, so beautiful, this game was so beautiful, and toooooo short.

The game is hard to describe and I view it as more of an ‘experience’ than a ‘game’. One does not simply play Transistor. It is more about the feel of it, the music, the unfolding story, the mystery, and the exquisite voice acting. The gameplay, while interesting and unique, is just a means to interact with the world and traverse the story. In some ways, I find actually playing the game a distraction from the heady mood.

As a game, it has its faults, though none of them are technical in nature. I just found the gameplay a bit boring and quite easy throughout. There was only one challenging bit, and that was one of the Speed Tests in the Backdoor area, not even a part of the game proper. It really doesn’t matter though, because it’s all about the lore, the city, the story, the music, the visuals, the voice, the mystery, everything but the gameplay basically. If I have one recommendation, it’s that you should make sure to unlock all three history bits of every function, there is a lot of good background info in there.

My build towards the end was geared towards doing work outside of Turn(). I played the majority of most battles in the latter half the game in real time.

X Button

Mask() + Ping() + whatever, usually Help()

Square Button

Crash() + Jaunt() + whatever, usually Load()

Circle Button

Usually Breach() + whatever


Usually Bounce(), sometimes Void(), Flood(), Tap(), or Cull()

Best offensive combo I found:

In Turn()

1) Void() + Spark() (Void() is a potent debuff and the Spark() modifier doubles the effect)

2) Backstab with Crash() (Crash() damages and stuns the target, adding another level of debuff)

3) Mask() (Greatly increases damage of following attack)

4) Backstab with Cull() (Most damaging attack, with backstab modifier plus Unmask buff, plus two debuffs)

= catastrophic damage