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Bloodborne: Mergo’s Wet Nurse

Mergo’s Wet Nurse is a worthy opponent. There’s no particular trick to beating her, just keep your distance and pick your spots to roll in for a few hits. When shit goes black and she starts teleporting around (plus clones herself), run. That’s my strategy anyway. If you’ve got a better one, please share.

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Bloodborne: Amygdala

Not gonna lie, I had a real tough time with her. When I first ran in there with my puny Blade of Mercy, I got spanked hard. I learned pretty quick that attacking her body is useless. You need to go after her hands and arms, which are usually up in the air or coming down at you. I switched to whip mode with the Threaded Cane so I could flail in their general direction. It worked, but at one point in the clip, she drops me to like 1 health. The Good Blood was with me.

Video Games

Bloodborne: Darkbeast Paarl

Get rekt Paarl

I fought this guy fairly early on, right after defeating Blood-starved Beast. He fucked me bad, real bad. I returned overleveled and overequipped. I’ve been thinking about making a list of bosses ranked in order of difficulty, but this drives home the point that boss difficulty is largely dependant on when you choose to face them.