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Bloodborne: Amygdala

Not gonna lie, I had a real tough time with her. When I first ran in there with my puny Blade of Mercy, I got spanked hard. I learned pretty quick that attacking her body is useless. You need to go after her hands and arms, which are usually up in the air or coming down at you. I switched to whip mode with the Threaded Cane so I could flail in their general direction. It worked, but at one point in the clip, she drops me to like 1 health. The Good Blood was with me.

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Bloodborne: Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

lol The end of the YouTube link looks like a dude with a monocle: -_o

Anyway, Micolash is kind of a prick. You chase him around and when you finally get a chance to beat him down, he rocks you with a devastating arcane attack. You don’t see it in the clip because the second time around I tried to stay up in his face, forcing him to stick with melee attacks.

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Bloodborne: Darkbeast Paarl

Get rekt Paarl

I fought this guy fairly early on, right after defeating Blood-starved Beast. He fucked me bad, real bad. I returned overleveled and overequipped. I’ve been thinking about making a list of bosses ranked in order of difficulty, but this drives home the point that boss difficulty is largely dependant on when you choose to face them.

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Bloodborne: The One Reborn

This guy took me a bunch of tries. The first time I ran in there, I got wrecked by the Chime Maidens hurling magic and fire attacks down on me. Once I figured out how to deal with them, I got nuked by the boss’s nova blast. Okay, need to back off when you hear that thing winding up. Next time around I discovered his tracking, raining body parts attack. Right then, get under a roof. Finally I discovered his acid vomit that practically fills the whole arena. Head to high ground and wait for that shit to dissipate. Once all those lessons were learned, he was rather easy. >_<

At the beginning of the video I show the shortcut for getting to him from Yahar’gul, Unseen Village Lamp. It involves hopping off the elevator partway down.

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Bloodborne: Bloody Crow of Cainhurst

This fight is really boring to watch, so I recommend you don’t unless you’re actually playing the game and looking for help. I guess I’m posting this simply for thoroughness in documenting my journey through Bloodborne.

Anyway, this guy is a Major pain in the ass. Both his sword and gun hit for massive damage; just check out what his gun does to me at 0:34 in the video. Yeah, for real. He buffs himself, heals himself (one time), is fast and strong. The sword he uses, the Chikage, damages the wielder when used two-handed. The easiest way to beat this guy is to just stay alive and let his own sword do the heavy lifting.

After he heals himself and drops back down to around 30% health, he’ll no longer use the Chikage two-handed; it’s up to you to finish him off. I used poison knives. If you want to melee him, I’d recommend something with a lot of reach, like the Thread Cane or Hunter Axe (which can knock him down). Whatever approach you decide to take, the most important thing is avoiding that gun. Good luck my friends.

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Bloodborne: Blade of Mercy versus Yahar’gul Hunters

I’ve been trying figure out the Blade of Mercy, but frequently switch back to the Threaded Cane which is really messing me up. Towards the end of last night’s gaming session, I stopped trying to be fancy—incorporating L1 into combos—and just stayed with simple transformed mode (twin daggers) attacks. In particular, I would roll into an R1 double stab followed by an 8 hit R1 flurry, which is really where the BoM shines as it gains speed the more you’re able to string hits together. Finishing off with L2 adds a little flair and space, as that attack includes a backstep at the end of the animation.

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Bloodborne: Rom, The Vacuous Spider

Rom is a big one. Not in terms of difficulty or size, but importance. He’s one of those bosses that propels the story irrevocably forward, so I made sure I had all my affairs in order before facing him. The fight was pretty anti-climactic. It didn’t take too long to sort out that he and his minions have rock hard heads, but soft bulbous bits. All it takes is some patience and making sure to dodge his AOE attacks. I defeated him on my second try.

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Bloodborne: Shadow of Yharnam

Let me start by saying the Forbidden Woods is an awesome, awesome area. And when you get to the end of it, you’re treated with a rather enjoyable boss fight. It took me three tries to defeat Shadow of Yharnam. The first attempt was a scouting mission after which I decided to whittle all three down in health and then finish them off in quick succession. That turned out to be the worst possible plan. It seems that after taking a certain amount of collective damage, they buff themselves, and then after taking some more, they start summing giant snakes to help out. I found myself contending with three Shadows and I think three giant snakes. I don’t know. It was a blur of blood and death.

In the clip, you see my third attempt, where I tried to damage only one at a time. I took down one before they buffed themselves. Then I was able to take down a second. When the third and final Shadow started trying to summon a snake from hell, I was able to keep him stun locked for a while.

That’s how boss fights should go:

  1. Get ass kicked;
  2. Formulate strategy, do better;
  3. Refine strategy, succeed.