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Bloodborne: Visceral Attack versus Brick Troll

Brick Trolls are tough to engage in pure melee, particularly for the beginner. They’re fast and hit for huge damage. The good news is that they telegraph their attacks from a mile away and are very susceptible gun parry.

Gun parry typically involves shooting your opponent during the last part of their attack animation—after they’ve closed in, just as their weapon begins its final approach. They will drop to their knees and you’ll hear a distinctive noise. Walk up to them and press R1 to initiate a Visceral Attack.

If you stagger an enemy, but whiff on the Visceral Attack, it’s most likely because you weren’t close enough. It could also be because you took too long, but in general, you should have ample time. Even if you get knocked back, you should still be able to roll forward and get the Visceral Attack in.

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Bloodborne: Gehrman, The First Hunter

If you refuse to submit your life to Gehrman, you must fight him. What happens when you win depends on whether or not you’ve consumed three Third Umbilical Cords. In the video clip, I have consumed them. Upon Gehrman’s defeat, the Moon Presence descends to take me—but cannot—leading to one last boss fight.

Gehrman should be considered the final boss, and is very worthy of that distinction. He is without a doubt the toughest challenge I faced during this, my first playthrough of Bloodborne. There a few key pieces of advice I can give. When he wields the Burial Blade as a scythe is when he is most dangerous. If you wander too close, he’ll quickly pull you in and unleash a devastating combo. Keep your distance and wait for him to start his charged attack. This is your best chance to stagger him and perform a Visceral Attack. When he switches to his blade and gun, just dodge his attacks while trying to sneak in a few of your own.

Eventually, he’ll enter a kind of meditation state which will allow you to lay into him quite a bit, but be careful. There are two versions of this state, one of which ends in a very damaging explosion. In the video clip you can see the harmless version at 1:50, where he’s simply buffing himself. At 3:20, he’s charging up for the AoE attack. I was able to finish him off before he went critical, but make sure to go in with full health and/or back off early.

Patience and good dodging will go a long way. Oh, one last thing. When he flies up into the air to unleash his shockwave attack, you want to move towards him, not away. May the Good Blood guide your way my friends.

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Bloodborne: Yharnam Sunrise Ending

This is the ending you get if you submit your life to Gehrman. I guess it’s the good one? I’m not all that clear on what the story really is. It’s something I need to read up on because I’m sure as hell not going to figure it out by playing the game. As From Software endings go, I find this one pretty satisfying. There’s a certain romantic quality to it and it’s visually captivating.

Kneeling beneath the great tree, on a hill of white flowers, the Nightmare ended as Gehrman raised the Burial Blade and brought it down with grace and mercy. Through it all, the Moon bore silent, loving witness.

Of the three endings, this is the one that feels the most right to me. Perhaps that’s because it’s the only one that offers some semblance of hope for a normal life.

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Bloodborne: Amygdala

Not gonna lie, I had a real tough time with her. When I first ran in there with my puny Blade of Mercy, I got spanked hard. I learned pretty quick that attacking her body is useless. You need to go after her hands and arms, which are usually up in the air or coming down at you. I switched to whip mode with the Threaded Cane so I could flail in their general direction. It worked, but at one point in the clip, she drops me to like 1 health. The Good Blood was with me.