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[BF1] No. 3 Revolver

This thing is amazing. The rate of fire is pretty slow, so you need to land your shots, but it is pin point accurate, reloads reasonably fast, and is typically a one or two shot kill in situations where your sidearm becomes necessary. I also appreciate that you consistently get two kills per reload, and even three isn’t much of a stretch. I’ve read some pretty negative opinions about this gun; the only explanation I can come up with is that some folks don’t appreciate its accuracy. YMMV

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[BF1] First impression of new Giant’s Shadow map

Wow. What a shockingly awful map.

It’s a damn good thing this map was free, because I would be seriously pissed if I put forth coin and got this mess in return. The only good thing I can say about it, is that it makes Sinai Desert and Ballroom Blitz seem better by comparison.

Note: I typically play Conquest, so the following comments are from that perspective.


The map is enormous, with a long and narrow shape. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that the distance from home flag to home flag is farther than any other map. Now, Suez is also long and narrow, but each flag is within easy walking distance of the next and there is cover everywhere. On Giant’s Shadow, you might as well kill yourself and redeploy, because there’s no way you’re walking from a friendly flag to an enemy one without getting a bullet through the head.

I started writing a long breakdown of why the map fails, but really it all comes down to the fact that it’s way too spread out with not enough cover and there’s little opportunity for flanking. Moving from one flag to another is both dangerous and extraordinarily tedious. Each flag becomes an insular area unto itself with not a whole lot going on unless we’re talking about C or D—which are a total shit show.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems to me that Giant’s Shadow is the least fun, least tactical map in Battlefield 1.

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[BF1] Airborne Cannons – It’s all about the pattern

This is without a doubt the hardest challenge in the game. The trick is memorizing the pattern and methodically taking out each plane in sequence. If you try to just randomly shoot them down, it’s never going to happen.

The flight patterns of the 10 planes shown in the clip are always exactly the same—with one exception. Sometimes plane 4 collides with another in a fiery ball of fail right at the outset. Just restart from checkpoint if that happens. Second, after your first attempt, the right half of the screen will be obscured by smoke and clouds. Rest assured, the planes are still in there, still flying the same pattern. If you can’t see them, shoot where you know they should be. As the bombers move from right to left, they will eventually disappear behind the other airship. If you don’t shoot them all down before that happens, you’re pretty much screwed; restart from checkpoint. Good luck and god speed my friends.

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Battlefield 1 Platinum Trophy

JsinOwl - Battlefield 1 Platinum TrophyDespite having no intentions of doing so, I got the Platinum Trophy for Battlefield 1. If you look at my ranked list of games, you won’t see any Plats in the bottom third or so. I don’t hunt trophies for the sake of hunting trophies; I hunt them to extend the playtime of games I enjoy, and the BF1 campaign is not a game I particularly enjoyed. So what gives?

On the multiplayer side, I decided to start completing the codex. Being the way I am, once I set a goal, anything less than total achievement is going to be unsatisfactory. That meant finishing the campaign codex entries as well, and so i did. It wasn’t necessary to do it on Hard difficulty, but by doing so, I basically earned the Platinum Trophy along with completing the codex entries.

As Platinums go, it’s quite easy. The hardest bit by far was destroying 10 aircraft in 30 seconds using the stationary weapon in Forte et Fidele (Friends in High Places). That’s for the Airborne Cannons challenge. Holy Shit. What a cunt that was. (I’ll make a separate post with some specific advice.) Beyond that though, nothing else was terribly difficult.

My opinion of the campaign is basically unchanged, but if you enjoy a good challenge, then definitely play on Hard difficulty while trying to fulfill as many of the codex requirements as you can. Instead of mindlessly shooting your way from point A to B, you’ll be forced to take a more deliberate and tactical approach, which is a good thing in my view—ymmv.

For finding all the Field Manuals, I recommend IGN’s guide. I found the text descriptions a lot better than some of the other guides floating around. They also have a guide for codex entries. Most are pretty self-explanatory, but one in particular you’ll want help with is German Anti-Tank Tactics: destroy  all field gun emplacements. There are 36 in total, and the last thing you want is to get all the way to the end only to find out you missed one. I recommend using the following video, pausing it as necessary, and making sure that your count of guns destroyed matches the gun count in the video.

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[BF1] Giant’s Shadow Release and Update

Patch notes here

So far I’m pretty pleased with how DICE has supported Battlefield 1. At launch (which included a day 0 patch), the game had a number of issues, but it was very much playable. Then along came the big Fall Update, which fixed most of the things that were really bothersome—not tracking medals properly, not being able to quit between matches, being stuck with useless squad leaders, and the total clusterfuck that was Conquest on Suez—to name a few.

This next update looks like it’s going to stamp out almost all of the significant annoyances that remain. (Missing from the list is a fix for the not being able to fire after getting revived glitch.)

  • This includes fixing the inability to sprint out of crouch and prone in certain situations
  • Looking at the way the game is played, the Landship is underrepresented in gameplay. We wanted to enhance the role of the tank as a teamplay vehicle, as well as give additional incentives for tank drivers to pick up and play the Landship. The biggest change here is the ability to allow teammates to spawn into the Landship directly, like they do the Heavy Tank today. This will help keep the Landship full of teammates, in a way that makes it a far more effective vehicle. We’ve also applied buffs to the driver abilities and the armor of the Landship, making it as armored as the Heavy Tank.
  • Medic and Support players should find it much more reliable and useful to deploy their Large Ammo and Medical crates. We’ve added additional healing and resupply power to those crates, so they serve more teammates before being depleted and being destroyed. Additionally, we’ve added a feature that will deploy the crates at the player’s feet if the space immediately in front is blocked by an object or slope. This should drastically reduce, but not entirely eliminate, the situation where a crate fails to deploy.
  • Gadgets now take priority if pressing dpad up and dpad left or right at the same time

There’s a whole lot more to the December update, but those are the things that along with the new map will have the biggest positive impact for me personally. With the game pretty well balanced and running smoothly, new content now rises to the top of my wish list.

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The First World War documentary series

This is a really fantastic series. I’ve watched all ten episodes in full and highly recommend it. It provides as comprehensive insight into the war as you can possibly cram into 10 hours. My only complaint regarding the content, and it’s not really a complaint, is that it doesn’t go into a lot of detail about how specific battles were fought. I would describe it as more of a historical documentary than a military documentary. On the technical side, I found the music way too loud in the mix and rather annoying, but it certainly wasn’t going to stop me watching this incredibly interesting and informative series about one of history’s most important events.

*I made my own playlist because the original uploader’s includes an unrelated video and has an episode out of sequence.

If you have any thoughts on the series or recommendations for other documentaries let me know in the comments.

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[BF1] Order of the Golden Heart

TIL: A hatchet is not a “bladed weapon”.

However, any variation of knife, dagger, or sword definitely is—including the Cavalry Sword—making this medal a piece of piss up until the last part. Getting 5 kills with blunt weapons isn’t difficult, just slightly more tedious than the previous steps. I don’t know if the Hatchet or Pickaxe count, so to be safe, I recommend sticking with the Club, Spiked Club, or Trench Mace. You should be able to knock this medal out in no time.