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[Warframe] The Stalker is a Troll of epic proportion

When it comes to Platinum, I’m like Scrooge McDuck. I hoard it, buy it on sale and never spend it. If I could, I’d polish each coin with a diaper and stack them all in nice neat piles. The thing is, I love bows, and there’s one in particular that eludes me—Dread.

Yes, the Stalker’s signature weapon. Dread is the high-end weapon I covet most dearly. The blueprint for it only drops from the Stalker himself. And though I’ve played the game for over 300 hours, the son of bitch has never shown up to assassinate me. You can buy Dread from the market, but only as part of the What Stalker? bundle for a whopping 800 Platinum.

Well, I finally decided “hey, I’ve got all this Platinum not doing anything for me, I really want this thing, and it seems like I’m never going to get it through other means”, so I go for it. I splurge and buy the bundle.

In the days, not weeks—days—since I bought that bundle, the prick has invaded me four times. Thrice I was playing solo with a low-level Frame and he dumped whoop-ass all over me. The other time I was playing with a PUG and we killed him. What does he drop? The motherfucking Dread. Now I have two, and the blueprint is untradeable, so I can’t even help out a fellow Tenno in need. FML

On the bright side, the throwing knives (Despair) which also came in the bundle are amazing; the scythe (Hate), not so much.

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