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Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer progress report 1


Time Played: 12h 19m
Apex Rating: 1,636
Apex Rank: 4,379
Challenge Rating: 720


Characters: 17/27

Weapons: 9/47

Mods: 7/20

Equipment: 0/6

Nameplates: 4/39

  • Apex Rating – Bronze
  • Kett Mastery – Bronze
  • Outlaw Mastery – Bronze
  • Remnant Mastery – Bronze

Max Characters

Human Female Engineer Lvl 20, Rank 7

Max Weapons

M-8 Avenger X
Charger X
M-23 Katana X

Miscellaneous Observations

  • The number of skill points you get to spend is a function of both level and rank, which I find annoying. Rather than playing whichever unlocked character you want, you’re best off playing whichever one RNG has blessed the most.
  • It looks like characters and mods now max out at rank 10, as opposed to 5. That, along with the fact that characters level up individually, makes Andromeda way more grindy than ME3, which is saying something. After almost 700 hours, I still didn’t have everything maxed out in that game.
  • Connections are generally terrible.
  • If you Pull an enemy, but don’t have Throw, you can still kind of throw them by hitting the melee button.
  • A Cobra RPG won’t kill a shielded Anointed Ascendant.
  • Combos seem a lot weaker than in ME3.
  • Even though Overload is listed as a detonator power, I’m pretty sure it will briefly prime a target for Tech Combos. Need to verify.
  • Despite all of the negatives, it’s still pretty fun.

3 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer progress report 1

      1. I’ve mainly played Human Sentinel so far (lots of weapon damage passives + Barricade is good for objectives). Just started a Human Vanguard after finding a fun looking build for it (Charge and melee restore shields so you fly around punching everything). Are you familiar with the Big Bad List of Builds on the MECoOp subreddit?

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