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Mass Effect: Andromeda first impressions

This is taken from a conversation I had with a friend. I didn’t write it as a post, but it sums things up fairly well.

I really haven’t been reading any reviews. I know there’s a lot of chatter about the animations, and yeah, the lip sync is off, but so what? It’s not a huge deal to me. I was surprised though at just how shitty the close-up facial graphics are. The console and frostbite should be capable of better. Again, not a huge deal for me. I only played a short amount of the story and it was…okay. We’ll see where they take it. I like Scott, and his voice actor is fine, if a bit generic sounding. The writing so far has been pretty cheesy (in a bad way). I have a feeling that the writing and story will mostly suck, but hopefully the exploration is fun.

I played several games of multiplayer and it was good, but a bit disappointing. It’s hard for me to be objective because I’m comparing it to ME3 as it existed after five DLC releases. It generally played fine. Load times are much improved from ME3. Partying up unfortunately is just as wonky. One friend experienced a hard freeze and another got kicked from a game. Personally, I didn’t have any issues.

With low level characters and gear, Bronze is fucking tough—surprisingly so. I didn’t particularly like the maps, but I might just need to learn them. I really like that each power is on its own timer. The thing I found most disappointing was the sameyness and lack of creativity among the enemy factions. They are not even remotely as compelling as Reapers/Collectors/Geth/Cerberus. We shall see. Nothing I encountered last night suggests I won’t put many more hours into multiplayer, but I certainly wasn’t blown away with awesome.

6 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Andromeda first impressions

  1. I’m dying for Amazon to deliver it, thanks for the balanced early impressions Jason, some of the big boy reviews seemed like ‘hatchet jobs’.
    Hopefully I’ll be playing this a long time!

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    1. My pleasure Phil. I’ll have much more to say as time goes on. I’m always leery of early reviews. I feel like if you plowed through the game to write a review as your job, then you didn’t really experience it as a player would. I don’t know. I’m sure reviewers would disagree, and I’m sure some are better at it than others. I just play as a player and a fan and share my thoughts.


  2. Owl I can feel the first impressions hurt you; knowing how much you want to love the game but the little things starting to add up. Who would you say is your favorite new crew member? One other nitpick for me is I’m not of a fan the way they rendered hair, I guess I expected more from this engine.

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    1. The only crew members I’ve met are Liam and Cora and they seem alright. Haven’t spent enough time with them to really judge. And I agree about the hair. Graphics have never been a priority for me, but it’s hard not to notice how sub-standard they are in this game. I had no expectations for the single player, none. I hated what they did with ME3 and with all the writers bailing, I took it as given that the campaign would not be anything special. The multiplayer is where I’m most disappointed. Having played a bunch more last night, I’m just not feeling it like I’d hoped.


  3. I’ve just stuck to the single player so far and i’m enjoying it.
    I’m different to a lot of folks. Mass Effect 1 was my favourite of the series. Hated ME3 and ME2 was ruined for me at the start. Didn’t want a Spock style resurrection, I thought that was lazy. Plus it got a bit too serious and up its own arse, to coin a phrase.
    I like following a new story now and I like the premise. I’m interested too see where it takes me and interested in building new relationships.
    The errors with the graphics are a let down, particlarly when much of the game looks beautiful. But the whole series has had similar issues.
    Combat is solid.
    Side missions are an excellent way of fleshing out the story.
    I’m hooked at the moment.

    Aplogies for my random musings.

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    1. Random musings are always welcome. I have to say, I thought ME2 was brilliant, but differences of opinion are what make the world go round. I really enjoyed the first as well, particularly the Raachni related story. Really fascinating creatures, and I’m so glad I saved the Queen in my “canon” playthrough.


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