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What makes For Honor’s gameplay so good?

Depth. Let’s look at the simplest example: 1v1 duel.

I’m a Berserker, and 100’ away from me is a Lawbringer. I’m excited and even a little nervous. This guy is 1st prestige with a gear level of 50. He’s experienced. The simple spin-to-win approach probably won’t work. We’re fighting in an open area with a cliff to one side. The Lawbringer is much stronger at repositioning me than I him; I need to stay away from that cliff. The match begins.

Normally I’d charge straight at my opponent and launch a Boar Rush or Zone Attack, but I know this guy has an unblockable impaling charge with much longer reach than my own attacks. I’ll roll past him on the left, away from the cliff. Sure enough, he does his charge move, but it whistles harmlessly over head as I tumble by. Jumping to my feet, I lock on and launch a Head Crusher.

My attack connects and interrupts the attack he had started. Seeking to press the advantage, I Spin Chop to the right, but he isn’t fooled. He shifts his guard in time to block my attack. He follows quickly with a Guard Break and The Long Arm move, flipping me over and knocking me down dangerously close to the cliff. While getting up, I shift my guard to block his incoming top heavy attack, which I know will stun me, and likely end with me at the bottom of the cliff. With that attack blocked, I dodge away. Keeping my distance, I circle away from the cliff. The fight is reset.

Safely away from the cliff, I approach him cautiously. I shift my stance to the right and start a heavy attack I have no intention of finishing. He shifts his stance to block—my feint worked. I cancel out of my heavy right attack by dodging left into a Spin Chop. It connects and I flow immediately into a Bear Mauler. He manages to block the last part of the Bear Mauler combo and follows up with his unblockable shove, sending me backwards onto my ass.

The last time he had me in this position he went for the top heavy attack, this time he comes with a light attack from the left, catching me by surprise. Stunlocked and disoriented, I fail to defend against his following heavy attack. Now I realize the unblockable finisher to his Judge, Jury and Executioner combo is about to come. Anticipating this, I’m able to parry it and land a heavy attack of my own. He’s almost down. I dodge straight back and expecting him to lash out in desperation, I immediately jump into a Head Crusher. He manages to hit me, and even though I’m almost down myself, I know the fight is over. My attack is uninterruptible and he can’t recover from his own attack in time to do anything about it. Since my attack is heavy, it’ll trigger an execution, allowing me to get some health back before going in search of my next opponent.

It was a good fight.

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