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For Honor: An old Berserker’s lament

I’m a very introspective type of person, and that extends even to gaming. I think about the reasons why I like, or am good at, certain things. I use that knowledge to inform decisions I make about what games to buy and in the case of For Honor, what class to use.

As a player, I know that I have shitty reaction time and I’m impatient. Based on that, the Berserker has come to be my go to class in For Honor. She’s fast and agile, able to cover ground quickly and stay in the action. She also has several uninterruptible attacks that can be incorporated into dodges. This allows me to dance around a target, constantly dodging and mixing in attacks. I remove shitty reaction time as a limitation by not attempting to parry or block incoming attacks. I simply stay in constant motion.

Sadly, the Berserker isn’t a great all-around class, and thus my lament. I fear I’m only going to be able to go so far with this class before hitting the ceiling. So I continue to have this internal argument over whether I should spend my time honing my Berserking skills or trying to break out and learn a different character. If only the Berserker was a bit more durable… If only the Berserker had a health recovery feat… If only…

Alas, such is not the case. So I need to live with mediocrity or bust out of my comfort zone. Assuming there will never be a playlist for the elderly, what combination of class and strategy can help a 41 year old with slow hands succeed in For Honor?

Damn kids

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