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F*** GameStop: a consumer rant

I went to GameStop on my lunch break to buy For Honor with an old gift card I had lying around. (Do you already know where this is going?) I swiped the card and… error message. Clerk has me try again… error message. He takes the card and tries manually. Nada. He hands it back to me and says “sorry, it’s not working”. I stare back it him with my best ‘well fix it’ face, but that goes nowhere. As I’m about to leave, clerk number two arrives behind the counter and seems to have more of a clue. He tries. Nothing. Then gives me this spiel about how the PIN pads get flaky and they can’t reset them. The last thing I hear before walking out empty handed is, and I quote “sorry man, you’re out of luck”.

Now I’m pissed. (That’s American pissed not British.) On my way home from work I stop at a different GameStop. Once again, I get an error message when I try to use the gift card. This employee informs me that the card has been deactivated and that I need to call the number on the back. So, if I were to buy a new gift card, you could activate it and put a balance on it, but you can’t reactivate this old one? That’s correct.

At this point, I’m about ready to explode all over their diminutive store, but out of respect for the other patrons, I step outside and call the number on the back of the card. I get connected with a representative fairly quickly, but it goes downhill from there. I tell her that I’m calling to reactivate a gift card. I give her the card number and she puts me on hold. She comes back and informs me that my card has been deactivated. -_-

For real? Is that not why I just told you I was calling? She tells me that she cannot reactivate the card. I have to bring it to a store and have them call the ‘dedicated hotline’. Right. I already know the clerk is going to give me a blank stare and say there is no such hotline, but back in the store I go. As predicted, he has no clue what she’s talking about and assures me that he has customers reactivate their cards all the time by calling the number on the back.

Back outside, I call again and get the same girl. (Who, by the way, has terrible English and is clearly just following a script, but I digress.) I explain to her that the clerk says there is no hotline and that customers regularly call this number to reactivate their cards. She says again that she cannot reactivate the card, but now says I need to go to a store and have the balance transferred to a new card. I hang up on her.

I go back in the store, and tell the clerk she says I have to transfer the balance to a new card. He says “that’s not true”. My reply: “You know what, I’ll just go to Best Buy and never shop here again. Thanks for you help”.


So yeah, fuck GameStop. I will never shop there again or visit their website. They need customers a hell of a lot more than customers need them. One of the few advantages they have over online retailers is personal service—so much for that.

2 thoughts on “F*** GameStop: a consumer rant

    1. Nope. It’s a big shopping plaza and Best Buy is literally on the opposite side of the parking lot. There was no way I was going home with nothing to show for all my trouble. And I’m not exactly a firebrand; it takes quite a bit to get me steamed.


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