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The sad state of affairs with game release dates

All I wanted to do was post the February release schedule for PS4 games and my interest level in each of them. Simple enough, right? So I went to Google and ran a bunch of searches like:

  • video game release dates 2017;
  • ps4 complete game release schedule;
  • all confirmed ps4 game release dates;
  • ps4 new games february 2017.

I sifted through the results looking at only those sources which seemed to be reporting  a comprehensive list. Articles that started with “Most Anticipated” or “Biggest Upcoming”, I dismissed straight away. I also limited my scope to North American release dates.

What I found is that no two sites report the same release schedule—for February. As in the month we are currently in. Think about that. No one, including Sony, can tell us what games are being released over the next 4 weeks. I compiled my results in a handy dandy table you can view here:

PS4 Game Releases – February 2017

Certainly the most comprehensive list comes from, which as far as I can tell is unaffiliated with Sony. But there are still ten games missing from their list which are reported by other outlets. Now, that could be because those ten games aren’t actually being released in February, which brings us to the question of accuracy. A longer list, isn’t necessarily more correct.

As we move through February I’ll be keeping track of which games actually do get released and when. Hopefully by the end of the month, one of these sites will be revealed as the best place to go for release dates. But honestly, how is a complete and up-to-date schedule not a thing on

Oddly enough, the one site that is dedicated entirely to release dates and has the best UI, is also the most obscure and difficult to find via Google. Check it out; it’s really quite nice:

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