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Bloodborne: Minimalist spoiler-free trophy guide

Sometimes when I start playing a game, I know right away that it’s trophy worthy—the video game equivalent of sponge worthy for those of us who remember Seinfeld. In such cases, I invariably end up on That site has been a huge help over the years, but it’s both a blessing and a curse. Spoilers abound, and in general, I prefer to explore and discover things for myself. All I really want to know is how not to completely fuck things up. So here’s my first attempt at a minimalist trophy guide.

General tips:

  • Explore, explore, explore. There are no secret doors or illusory walls in the main campaign, however, there are some important passages hidden behind smashable objects. Be observant, thorough, and follow every path to its end.
  • Talk to every NPC. Many are inside and you speak to them through a window or door. Buildings with an NPC always have incense burning outside. It looks like a lantern, but with a distinct reddish glow. Periodically return to talk to NPCs again, particularly after defeating bosses that alter the world state.
  • If you explore like you should and return to the Hunter’s Dream whenever you have enough Blood Echoes to level up, you shouldn’t need to worry about being underleveled for a given area.
  • Do NOT sell off any gear except duplicate items and crappy Blood Gems.
  • You can work on the Chalice Dungeons whenever you wish. Difficulty does not scale with NG+ and your progress carries over, so don’t feel like you need to finish them before finishing the main game. I actually didn’t even start them until NG+.
  • The second boss of the Nightmare of Mensis area is what I consider the point of no return, for reasons.
  • I made a Bloodborne Trophy Tracker, but be warned, it contains some trophy descriptions which are very spoilery. It also indicates in what general area trophy related items can be found.

Trophy guide:

Unlike most guides, which tell you how to get all of the trophies, this guide seeks only to explain how not to miss the missable ones in as spoiler-free a way as possible. There are multiple paths to not missing these trophies, so in writing this guide I tried to prioritize player choice and story drama.

  1. Before moving on from Central Yharnam, find and speak with Eileen the Crow.
  2. Before entering the Grand Cathedral in Cathedral Ward (the big building at the top of the grand staircase that looks like it should have a “Beware of Giant Fucking Boss” sign outside), find and speak with Alfred. Also, Eileen will have moved to Cathedral Ward; speak with her again and help her with her task.
  3. In the Forbidden Woods, you may happen upon a poisonous underground lake with three massive giants. About face and get ye hence from whence ye came. Return to this area after defeating the boss of Byrgenwerth.
  4. Return to the Grand Cathedral sometime before the point of no return. One way or another, you need to get the Crow Hunter Badge.
  5. At any time before the point of no return, you’ll need to make your way to Forsaken Castle Cainhurst. In addition to killing the boss, you need to find an item called the Unopened Summons. It’s not at all obvious how to get to Castle Cainhurst; nor is it obvious where the Unopened Summons is.
  6. Alfred is keenly interested in the Unopened Summons. Alfred also has something you need, the Wheel Hunter Badge, and you must acquire it from him one way or another.
  7. Before progressing to the point of no return, refer to this checklist. If you’re missing something, then you still have work to do before moving on.
  8. Once you have everything on the checklist squared away, proceed to clear the Nightmare of Mensis area. In addition to killing the boss, there are two items you need to find: Choir Bell and Blood Rock.
  9. At this point, you’re free to initiate the end of the game at any time. (Double check your inventory and verify that you have at least 3 One Third of Umbilical Cords.)
    1. When you’re ready, return to the Hunter’s Dream and manually create a save game you can go back to.
    2. Initiate the ending sequence and submit.
    3. Reload your save game; initiate the ending sequence and refuse.
    4. Reload your save game; consume 3 One Third of Umbilical Cords; initiate the ending sequence and refuse.
  10. After completing all three endings, you can reload your save game or continue on into NG+. If you haven’t already, and you probably haven’t,  then you need to progress through the main sequence (non-Root) of Chalice Dungeons. Good luck and godspeed my friends.

Regarding the Chalice Dungeons, I suggest you dabble with depths 1-3 during the main game and then attack depths 4 and 5 from NG+. There are a number of reasons for this, but the biggest is that it resets all of the treasure—Bloodstone Chunks  and the Blood Rock in particular.

After completing step 9, there’s really no reason to avoid using the Bloodborne Trophy Tracker. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding the guide, or need PvE related advice of any kind, drop me a line.

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