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Bloodborne: Best progress route

There is no best route, but that’s what people are likely to type into a search engine, so that’s the title. This is just the path I personally prefer to take through the game.

  1. Central Yharnam
  2. Cathedral Ward
  3. Hemwick Charnel Lane*
  4. Old Yharnam
  5. Healing Church Workshop
  6. Abandoned Old Workshop
  7. Forbidden Woods
  8. Byrgenwerth
  9. Iosefka’s Clinic
  10. Yahar’gul, Unseen Village (to Upper Cathedral Key)
  11. Upper Cathedral Ward*
  12. Yahar’gul, Unseen Village
  13. Lecture Building
  14. Forsaken Castle Cainhurst
  15. Nightmare Frontier
  16. Nightmare of Mensis

*Hemwick Charnel Lane and Upper Cathedral Ward are both fantastic farming areas, which is why I prioritize opening them up. Just remember to spend down your Insight before heading to the latter.

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