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Bloodborne Progress Update

  • I’ve got all the trophies except Bloodborne (Platinum), Hunter’s Essence (collect all weapons), and Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen (defeat Yharnam).
  • The only weapon I’m missing is the Beast Claw, and both it and Yharnam are found in the Chalice Dungeons. Everything that needs doing is down there.
  • I’m bouncing back and forth between the dungeons and NG+, though now that I’m at depth 3, I’ll probably be spending more and more of my time in the dungeons.
  • I’ve completed Pthumeru (depth 1), Central Pthumeru (depth 2), and Hintertomb (depth 2). Right now I’m about a quarter of the way into Lower Pthumeru (depth 3).
  • I breezed through the depth 1 and 2 dungeons, but depth 3 not so much. I’d say depth 3 is a tad easier than NG+, meaning it’s comfortable, but you’ll die if you’re not careful and you might just die anyway. I get the distinct impression that depth 4 will be a serious test and 5 will drop my balls in a vice and squeeze until I scream for mercy.
  • I’m sitting at level 119
    • Vitality: 39
    • Endurance: 30
    • Strength: 20
    • Skill: 50
    • Bloodtinge: 10
    • Arcane: 20
  • My weapon of choice is the Blade of Mercy +10, followed by the Threaded Cane +10 for crowd control. In the left hand I’m usually holding half of the Blade of Mercy, but sometimes a Hunter Blunderbuss +6 or Hunter’s Torch will see some use. I’ve also started messing around with some of the Hunter’s Tools (spells). Of the ones I can use, I like the Auger of Ebrietas.
  • I’ve got all of the attire except the Madman set. I generally wear the Executioner’s set with the Knight’s Wig, though at the moment I’m swooshing around in the complete Crowfeather Set.

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