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Bloodborne: Yharnam Sunrise Ending

This is the ending you get if you submit your life to Gehrman. I guess it’s the good one? I’m not all that clear on what the story really is. It’s something I need to read up on because I’m sure as hell not going to figure it out by playing the game. As From Software endings go, I find this one pretty satisfying. There’s a certain romantic quality to it and it’s visually captivating.

Kneeling beneath the great tree, on a hill of white flowers, the Nightmare ended as Gehrman raised the Burial Blade and brought it down with grace and mercy. Through it all, the Moon bore silent, loving witness.

Of the three endings, this is the one that feels the most right to me. Perhaps that’s because it’s the only one that offers some semblance of hope for a normal life.

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