Video Games

Bloodborne: The One Reborn

This guy took me a bunch of tries. The first time I ran in there, I got wrecked by the Chime Maidens hurling magic and fire attacks down on me. Once I figured out how to deal with them, I got nuked by the boss’s nova blast. Okay, need to back off when you hear that thing winding up. Next time around I discovered his tracking, raining body parts attack. Right then, get under a roof. Finally I discovered his acid vomit that practically fills the whole arena. Head to high ground and wait for that shit to dissipate. Once all those lessons were learned, he was rather easy. >_<

At the beginning of the video I show the shortcut for getting to him from Yahar’gul, Unseen Village Lamp. It involves hopping off the elevator partway down.

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