Video Games

Bloodborne: Shadow of Yharnam

Let me start by saying the Forbidden Woods is an awesome, awesome area. And when you get to the end of it, you’re treated with a rather enjoyable boss fight. It took me three tries to defeat Shadow of Yharnam. The first attempt was a scouting mission after which I decided to whittle all three down in health and then finish them off in quick succession. That turned out to be the worst possible plan. It seems that after taking a certain amount of collective damage, they buff themselves, and then after taking some more, they start summing giant snakes to help out. I found myself contending with three Shadows and I think three giant snakes. I don’t know. It was a blur of blood and death.

In the clip, you see my third attempt, where I tried to damage only one at a time. I took down one before they buffed themselves. Then I was able to take down a second. When the third and final Shadow started trying to summon a snake from hell, I was able to keep him stun locked for a while.

That’s how boss fights should go:

  1. Get ass kicked;
  2. Formulate strategy, do better;
  3. Refine strategy, succeed.

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