Video Games

Bloodborne: Father Gascoigne

Here’s some more fairly bad gameplay. I didn’t do anything really stupid, but there is no elegance to be seen here. When I fought this guy, I still hadn’t really sorted out Visceral Attacks and I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my timing. If you miss your window to stagger Father Gascoigne, you’re apt to get stun locked in a bad way, so I mainly just tried to keep the gravestones between me and him and chip away at his health. When he went into beast mode, I used the Tiny Music Box to distract him and go ham.

Using the Tiny Music Box is something I read about online. I’m certainly not clever enough to have thought of it on my own. In general though, I don’t read up on boss battles or watch videos. I go in blind and try to figure it out.

If you want to see someone on NG+9 beat him in 30 seconds without taking damage, I’m sure it’s out there. If you want to see someone on their first playthrough struggling to figure it out and beating him for the very first time, enjoy the video.

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