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Battlefield 1 Platinum Trophy

JsinOwl - Battlefield 1 Platinum TrophyDespite having no intentions of doing so, I got the Platinum Trophy for Battlefield 1. If you look at my ranked list of games, you won’t see any Plats in the bottom third or so. I don’t hunt trophies for the sake of hunting trophies; I hunt them to extend the playtime of games I enjoy, and the BF1 campaign is not a game I particularly enjoyed. So what gives?

On the multiplayer side, I decided to start completing the codex. Being the way I am, once I set a goal, anything less than total achievement is going to be unsatisfactory. That meant finishing the campaign codex entries as well, and so i did. It wasn’t necessary to do it on Hard difficulty, but by doing so, I basically earned the Platinum Trophy along with completing the codex entries.

As Platinums go, it’s quite easy. The hardest bit by far was destroying 10 aircraft in 30 seconds using the stationary weapon in Forte et Fidele (Friends in High Places). That’s for the Airborne Cannons challenge. Holy Shit. What a cunt that was. (I’ll make a separate post with some specific advice.) Beyond that though, nothing else was terribly difficult.

My opinion of the campaign is basically unchanged, but if you enjoy a good challenge, then definitely play on Hard difficulty while trying to fulfill as many of the codex requirements as you can. Instead of mindlessly shooting your way from point A to B, you’ll be forced to take a more deliberate and tactical approach, which is a good thing in my view—ymmv.

For finding all the Field Manuals, I recommend IGN’s guide. I found the text descriptions a lot better than some of the other guides floating around. They also have a guide for codex entries. Most are pretty self-explanatory, but one in particular you’ll want help with is German Anti-Tank Tactics: destroy  all field gun emplacements. There are 36 in total, and the last thing you want is to get all the way to the end only to find out you missed one. I recommend using the following video, pausing it as necessary, and making sure that your count of guns destroyed matches the gun count in the video.

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