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Ranked list of Shepard’s companions in Mass Effect

PC Gamer took it upon themselves to rank Shepard’s companions in the Mass Effect series, and I can’t say I agree with their list.

  1. Tali (PC Gamer: Garrus)
  2. Mordin (PC Gamer: Mordin)
  3. Miranda (PC Gamer: Wrex)
  4. Liara (PC Gamer: Liara)
  5. Garrus (PC Gamer: Thane)
  6. Wrex (PC Gamer: Tali)
  7. EDI (PC Gamer: Legion)
  8. Legion (PC Gamer: Miranda)
  9. Kasumi (PC Gamer: Jack)
  10. Samara (PC Gamer: EDI)
  11. Jack (PC Gamer: Grunt)
  12. Thane (PC Gamer: Samara)
  13. Grunt (PC Gamer: Ashley)
  14. Ashley (PC Gamer: Kasumi)
  15. James (PC Gamer: James)
  16. Jacob (PC Gamer: Javik)
  17. Kaidan (PC Gamer: Morinth)
  18. Zaeed (PC Gamer: Zaeed)
  19. Javik (PC Gamer: Kaidan)
  20. Morinth (PC Gamer: Jacob)

My approach was to write down all twenty names on a sheet of paper and ask myself: “Which of these characters am I most willing to let go as if they never existed?” Then I’d cross that name off the list and repeat the process.

There are a lot of significant differences between my list and PC Gamer’s, which is totally understandable. It’s subjective obviously. Thane at number five though? Seriously? Sure, he’s a fascinating character, which is why I placed him as high as twelve, but he doesn’t have any relevance to the main story at all.

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