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[BF1] Giant’s Shadow Release and Update

Patch notes here

So far I’m pretty pleased with how DICE has supported Battlefield 1. At launch (which included a day 0 patch), the game had a number of issues, but it was very much playable. Then along came the big Fall Update, which fixed most of the things that were really bothersome—not tracking medals properly, not being able to quit between matches, being stuck with useless squad leaders, and the total clusterfuck that was Conquest on Suez—to name a few.

This next update looks like it’s going to stamp out almost all of the significant annoyances that remain. (Missing from the list is a fix for the not being able to fire after getting revived glitch.)

  • This includes fixing the inability to sprint out of crouch and prone in certain situations
  • Looking at the way the game is played, the Landship is underrepresented in gameplay. We wanted to enhance the role of the tank as a teamplay vehicle, as well as give additional incentives for tank drivers to pick up and play the Landship. The biggest change here is the ability to allow teammates to spawn into the Landship directly, like they do the Heavy Tank today. This will help keep the Landship full of teammates, in a way that makes it a far more effective vehicle. We’ve also applied buffs to the driver abilities and the armor of the Landship, making it as armored as the Heavy Tank.
  • Medic and Support players should find it much more reliable and useful to deploy their Large Ammo and Medical crates. We’ve added additional healing and resupply power to those crates, so they serve more teammates before being depleted and being destroyed. Additionally, we’ve added a feature that will deploy the crates at the player’s feet if the space immediately in front is blocked by an object or slope. This should drastically reduce, but not entirely eliminate, the situation where a crate fails to deploy.
  • Gadgets now take priority if pressing dpad up and dpad left or right at the same time

There’s a whole lot more to the December update, but those are the things that along with the new map will have the biggest positive impact for me personally. With the game pretty well balanced and running smoothly, new content now rises to the top of my wish list.

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