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[BF1] How to level up the Scout class

Since I posted here about the joys of the Kolibri (the Martini-Henry is pretty badass as well), I thought I would follow up with some advice on leveling up your Scout class. It’s actually pretty easy. Scouts only need about 300k score to reach level ten, where the other main classes need more like 500k.

If you’re the type of Scout that likes to hang back and pick off enemies from a distance, that’s fine, I won’t judge you, but you’re not going to rank up very fast. The nice thing is that Scouts in BF1 aren’t limited to that play style. So if you want to speed things along, here are some things to try.

First and foremost, play an objective gamemode and play the hell out of the objective. Conquest or Domination are best for this since there are a lot more opportunities for capturing flags than in Operations or destroying telegraph posts in Rush.

Since you’re going to be up close and personal with the enemy, you may want to leave your telescopic sight at home. Personally, I prefer the Russian 1895 Trench for this sort of work, but play around with all the options at your disposal and go with whatever feels right. Rifles labeled as Infantry will have iron sights, Carbines have a reflex sight, Marksman and Sniper rifles have telescopic sights with lower or higher magnification respectively.

For Gadgets, you can’t go wrong with the spotting flare. Spam that thing until it runs dry and then hit up your nearest friendly Support for an ammo crate. Never die with unfired flares. What you pick for the second gadget is less important. Tripwires are good for covering your back and the periscope is awesome for spotting enemies. The other gadgets are generally less useful.

If you’re in a good squad, then stick with them and work together. Use an XP boost if you have one. If you’re playing solo, then take advantage of the fact that you can change squads at any time. See a squad with an active XP boost? Get in on that. Capturing a flag with some blue teammates? See if you can switch into their squad. In a tank or plane with a blue? Switch to their squad. Not sure where to spawn in? Change to whichever squad looks like they need help getting something done. Remember to give orders if you’re the squad leader and request orders if you’re not getting any.

If at any time you feel like it’s becoming a slog, switch it up and play some other class for a while. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

2 thoughts on “[BF1] How to level up the Scout class

  1. The Henry is still a lot of fun even after the nerf. I think you’ll be surprised how fast ranking up goes, Scout class doesn’t take as long as the others. Good luck friend.


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