You’re here right now

Imagine sitting on the moon and staring down at the earth. All of its vast oceans, towering mountains, and nearly 7 billion people trying to live their lives. Some happy, sad, depressed, overjoyed, running, sleeping, fighting, making love, dying, being born.

Imagine the wonder of all that is, and that you’re here right now. Alive on earth, and able to experience it. Whether things are going great or going to shit, the fact that we’re here, conscious, and able to experience things and have emotions is incredible.

Everything that happens to you, all the ups and downs; all the things you feel, think, say and do; the people you meet; the good times and bad all go into making you who you are. They are all vital components of what makes you unique, special, and important amongst all 7 billion of us.

There is wisdom to be gained from all experiences, savor them, learn from them, and become better for what you’ve gone through. Be at peace with yourself.

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